Ralph “Joe” DiScuillo

Ralph, better known as Joe, has an extensive and varied background in construction. Hijoes range of experience crosses many different fields such as surveying, architectural design, and draftsman.

Joe spent 4 years in the Engineering Division of the U.S. Marine Corps where his love of building began. Under adverse circumstances serving in Vietnam, he began to learn the fundamentals of construction. Being adept at this type of work allowed him to prosper and advance within the corps. After Joe was honorably discharged from the service and returned home to his family, he was hired by a local builder and continued to learn all the phases of construction.

Joe’s journey led him to Roger Williams College (now Roger Williams University) where he obtained an associate degree in Technical Engineering. He worked for the builder during the day and attended college during the evening.

Even though this was a difficult work schedule, Joe persevered because he understood the value of a good education. It also taught him about the rewards of hard work that has been helpful to Joe throughout his career.

When the builder Joe was working for closed his business, he went to work for an architect. After two years of working for the architect, Joe decided he wanted to work out in the field so he started his own building company. Joe has successfully owned and operated his own company for over 35 years and continues to do so to this day.

Throughout his long and extensive career as a builder, Joe has developed many devoted customers. They’ve spread the word to their friends and families, consistently remarking at what a skilled, conscientious, and honest person he is. This has given him the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects including: building homes, additions, remodeling, turning a gas station into a restaurant, building an MRI room, and remodeling several churches.